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What are some top tips to help us get started on building our farm to school program?
How can we make salad bar logistics work?
Menus and recipes
Tracking Food Served at the Salad Bar Services
  • Download F2CC’s Salad Bar Tracking Template – WORD / EXCEL
How do we grow and prepare food to support school meals?
How can we integrate a salad bar and other aspects of healthy food into the curriculum?
How can we implement farm to school / local food to school in our Indigenous community?
How do we fund our farm to school program?

While a lot can be done without funds (e.g. involving community partners and in-class teaching), many farm to school efforts need funding. Sign up to receive timely updates including funding opportunties.

Here is a list of some funding opportunities that you could explore:

Consider organizing a farm to school fundraiser

How can we make sure that our program lives on after the time of the grant?