Whitewood School, Whitewood, SK
Grant term 2022-2024

Whitewood School has been extremely grateful for the Farm to School Canada Grant as it has provided numerous healthy experiences for our students and staff.  With the grant money, we have purchased garden towers that we use year-round as well as seeds and supplies needed for their maintenance.     

Our garden towers are planted and maintained by our students with support from staff. They plant and learn about appropriate nutrients and vitamins for the various vegetables and keep them watered and healthy. We have one of our garden towers in our PreK/K room where our young students get to see how foods grow and incorporate it into daily lessons and learning. The others are spread around various rooms and halls in the school. We grow herbs, tomatoes, strawberries, and a variety of types of lettuce. 

From there, our vegetables are harvested to be used in our school servery program; subsidizing the cost of this program as well as providing fresh, healthy foods for our students. We really look forward to continuing this program to allow our students the opportunity for healthy year long planting and learning.

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