Our Purpose


Food systems that nourish people and the planet.


To transform how food is experienced, learned and celebrated in all schools across Canada.

Farm to Cafeteria Canada (F2CC) is a non-profit charitable organization that works to transform how food is experienced, learned and celebrated in all schools across Canada. 

We work with partners to grow the capacity of diverse school communities across the country to foster vibrant school food systems by connecting students to food and the local systems that produce it. We do this by focusing on 3 pillars: 1) providing access to healthy local food at school; 2) engaging students in hands-on food literacy; and 3) connecting students to their broader communities, including those involved in their local food system. We refer to this as the “farm to school” approach, or, to better reflect the diversity of local and traditional foods that can be enjoyed in schools from coast to coast to coast, the “local food to school” approach.

Check out the Farm to Cafeteria Canada Glossary of Terms.


  1. Food systems have a huge impact on the health of people and the planet, and we can drive positive change by investing in local, healthy and sustainable food.
  2. Schools are at the heart of our communities and supporting school food systems can lead to lasting change.
  3. All children and youth have the right to access healthy and culturally appropriate food in schools.
  4. Food literacy is essential and needs to be taught to our kids.
  5. We are stronger with many voices and everyone can play a role in shaping how students access and experience food in schools.
  6. Strong and resilient food systems reflect and celebrate the diversity of our country.
  7. Food is a powerful connector, both to place and to others.
  8. Resilient food systems support a diversity of food providers in a fair and equitable way.
  9. The way to create positive change is through respect, kindness, sharing and reciprocity.