Informing Policy

We need supportive policies if we’re going to transform school food systems. Our policy work is grounded by our beliefs and directly informed by our experience and evaluation data from working with school communities that are delivering school food and food literacy programs across the country. 
Some examples of our work to inform policy include:
Participating in government roundtable consultations to inform the development of a pan-Canadian school food policy and sharing opportunities for others to inform the process

Writing position statements and letters to decision makers to inform policy development such as this one

Meeting with decision makers at various levels, from school district staff and local government officials to regional and federal ministries, to inform program and policy development related to local procurement, healthy food environments, and food literacy

Serving as an active member of the Coalition for Healthy School Food and promoting their Guiding Principles for school food in Canada

Hosting Canada’s School Food Map to document school food programs and community partners across the country

Developing the Evaluation Framework for Farm to School in Canada

Evaluating and sharing learnings from our own grants programs, which serve as valuable demonstration projects for school food in Canada

Facilitating knowledge sharing opportunities and consultations processes with key stakeholders

Creating tools and resources like the Farm to School Food Guide and the Benefits of Farm to School in Canada info sheet to help demonstrate the impacts of this work

Contributing to academic research projects and publications

Collecting and sharing other related policy resources 
If you have a question about our policy work, or are interested in collaborating, please contact Jesse Veenstra at