Farm to Cafeteria Canada and Growing Chefs! Ontario are proud to share our new Teaching the Curriculum Through Food video series.

These short (5-20 min) videos have been developed, in a partnership between our two organizations, to support and inform teachers and volunteers across Canada who are looking to bring food literacy into their classrooms and engage students through food. The videos, presented by Growing Chefs! Ontario’s Executive Director Andrew Fleet, are intended to help teachers and volunteers feel inspired, to have more confidence, and to gain ideas to bring food literacy into the classroom and link it to the curriculum. The videos focus on hands-on activities and concepts and are aimed towards Kindergarten – Gr 8 classrooms.

Throughout the series, Andrew will share Growing Chefs! Ontario’s experience with how children learn about and approach new foods, how to best organize cooking activities in the classroom, and how to help children apply concepts that they’ve learned in the classroom to cooking and preparing food.

We will be releasing the following videos over the next few months:  

  1. Introduction to teaching the curriculum through food
  2. Connecting food literacy with school curriculum
  3. Introducing new foods to children: Taste like a Chef!
  4. The importance of how we use language with food
  5. Tasting strategies for young children (PreKindergarten – Kindergarten)
  6. Tasting strategies for primary aged children
  7. Tasting strategies for junior/intermediate aged children
  8. General do’s and don’ts when introducing new foods to children
  9. Food-themed activities without food or tasting
  10. Sensory and tasting activities without in-class food preparation 

You can access the following videos now:

We hope you enjoy them and stay tuned for the next video releases!

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