Farm to School Canada Grants

Photos (left to right): Nose Creek Elementary, Alberta; Skaadgaa Naay Elementary, British Columbia; Mark R Isfeld School, British Columbia

Whole Kids Foundation

In 2016, Farm to Cafeteria partnered with the Whole Kids Foundation to establish a grant program designed to fuel change in Canadian schools by getting healthy, local, sustainable food on the plates and minds of students. These comprehensive Farm to School grants bring the local harvest to schools by providing school gardens, nutrition education, advocacy training and  salad bars.

In 2017, the Farm to School Canada Grant program became the central pillar of  a panCanadian initiative designed to scale up, evaluate, and share the learnings about these comprehensive programs. Read about  Farm to School Canada Digs In! and the additional schools, new campuses, technical expertise, tools, and evaluation and promotional activities afforded when the F2CC, WKF, the federal government, and multiple NGOs team up to invest in Farm to School.

2016 Grant Cycle 
Applications Closed March 31, 2016
50 recipient schools in BC & ON 
4 regional training sessions
Progress report February 2018
All deliverables due June 2019
2018 Grant Cycle 
Applications Closed March 31,2018
33 recipient schools in BC, ON, QC, NB and NL
10 regional training sessions
All deliverables due June 2020
Grant Recipients Share Their Stories
2016 Grant Recipients
2018 Grant Recipients