Palmerston Avenue Public School, Toronto, ON
Grant term 2020-2022

Palmerston Avenue Public School is located in the Seaton Village area of the downtown Toronto Annex community. The school was first built in 1889. In 1897 a third floor was added and in 1915 the Annex building was constructed. The newer building opened in 1956. Palmerston Avenue Public School offers programs Kindergarten to Grade 6 with an enrollment of approximately 470 students. The school is a dual track school offering both English and French Immersion programs and serves children from the immediate neighbourhood.

Farm to Cafeteria Canada has enriched Palmerston’s celebration of local and healthy food. This year, we celebrated The Great Big Crunch. More than 200 apples and more than 200 packs of baby carrots were provided to all 20 classes for a simultaneous crunch and noise was made!

In regular times, Palmerston celebrates the fall with a harvest festival which dates back years as a school tradition. Not to be deterred by COVID-19 restrictions, this school year a pumpkin patch sprung up at the school with over 200 pumpkins eventually making their way to porches in the community.

From the humble celebrations this year of health and farm fresh food, we are growing with Farm to Cafeteria Canada’s support to equip Palmerston with all the equipment and tools necessary to run a salad bar.  With the salad bar equipment purchase, we can run our salad bar service safely.  We are looking forward to having the salad bar up and running in the new school year.

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