Are you interested in learning fun ways to get students excited about plant-forward foods? 

April is Earth Month and this year we were pleased to collaborate with Humane Society International/Canada (HSI/Canada) to learn about their Forward Food program while sharing inspiration and resources for those who are interested in bringing more healthy and sustainable plant-powered food into schools.  

Watch the webinar recording below to learn about:  

  • Environmental benefits of plant-powered foods
  • Fun and practical ways to incorporate inclusive, plant-powered foods within childcare and K-12 food programs, as well as  in the classroom
  • About HSI/Canada’s Forward Food program, and how you can access their free resources. 

PART 1: HSI/Canada’s Forward Food Program and Context for Incorporating Plant-Based Foods

PART 2: Plant-based Meal Program Case Studies & Recipe Ideas

Humane Society International Canada logo

About this collaboration

Forward Food is a global initiative designed to increase the availability of plant-based options in the food service industry. Forward Food is a FREE program driven by Humane Society International/Canada and Friends of Humane Society International. Launched in Canada in 2017, they have supported dozens of food service operations and helped companies succeed with their plant-based food goals. Their expert team helps food service professionals put plants at the centre of the plate, improving sustainability, health, inclusivity, food costs and animal welfare. To learn more check them out here.

At F2CC, we define “healthy food” as food that provides the nutrients you need to maintain your health, feel good, and enjoy your life. Healthy food should consider people’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs, including being culturally appropriate and responsive. We know many school communities are curious about how to engage young minds and mouths in more plant-powered foods and we are pleased to work with HSI Canada to help bring their evidence-based, industry-tested resources to interested educators and school food service professionals.