Birchmount School, Moncton, NB
Grant term 2022-2024

Birchmount School shares their school food journey with the Farm to School Canada Grants they received in 2022. 

Birchmount School in Moncton, New Brunswick was paid a visit in 2022 by CTV News where they shared their excitement and future plans around their new 2022 Farm to School Canada grant.

Alana Pickrell Video Journalist

Photos: CTV News

Their goal is to feed the school’s 200 students year long from an indoor hydroponics garden. The students say the benefits of their new farm to school program is a healthier diet, learning important life skills and protecting the environment by growing locally.

“… it was important for them to see that they can make their own garden, in their own house, eventually, even in the winter. We can grow our own food. We can be sustainable.”

Read the full news story here and watch the video

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