Port Elgin Regional School, Port Elgin, NB
Grant term 2022-2024

I just can’t imagine our school and kitchen without receiving the Farm to School Canada grant.

It has been such an added bonus to our work area by giving us the opportunity to purchase all the added equipment and small appliances that have turned our kitchen into a totally fully functional teaching work-space.  We were able to transform an old unused science lab into a kitchen of everyone’s dreams. From a commercial fridge to 2 ovens, a cooktop, washer/dryer unit, dishwasher, stainless steel work- tables, to the added luxuries that our grant money has allowed us to purchase – items such as our awesome salad bar unit which is used on a regular basis allowing our students to experience fresh greens organically grown in our greenhouse. Complementing our small appliances, we were able to purchase bread makers, mix masters, juicers and a beautiful dehydrator.

Our students are actively involved in all aspects of planting, weeding and harvesting all produce that is grown in our greenhouse. This produce is used daily in our school cafeteria ensuring that our students have access to fresh salad greens on a daily basis. By providing our cafeteria with these salad greens, they have been able to reduce the costs to our students and they have been able to enjoy more healthy food.  Not only a benefit for our kids, but our cafeteria is able to reduce their costs; we all know how much a head of romaine lettuce costs these days, and they have told us that without the greenhouse, they would not be able to afford to purchase lettuce.

Any excess greens, such as our romaine, spinach, kale, and swiss chard not consumed in our cafeteria is used daily in our school kitchen for our students to cook and experiment with – they have discovered nutritious kale by making kale bites, which have been a huge hit; as well we are able to sell greens at our only local store in our small village (currently we have no grocery store) ensuring that our community has access to these fresh organic greens at an affordable price. Our food bank has also been a recipient of much needed greens.

Receiving the Farm to School Canada Grant money was a dream come true for our school and our community.  Thanks so much for your generosity. Can’t imagine what we would have done without these funds. I strongly encourage anyone with a vision to apply for this grant.

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