Traditional Foods and Indigenous Recipes in B.C.’s Public Institutions

This report, prepared by Queenswood Consulting Group for the Government of British Columbia, was developed to support the government’s objective to increase the use of B.C. foods, improve the patient food experience in health care, and efforts to increase access to traditional foods and Indigenous recipes in public institutions.

Traditional Foods and Indigenous Recipes in B.C.’s Public Institutions summarizes a qualitative study of the barriers and facilitators to serving traditional foods and Indigenous recipes in public institutions in British Columbia (B.C.), with a focus on health care and postsecondary institutions. The study and the development of considerations and a webinar format to share with key stakeholders took place between February-October 2020.

“Encouraging the use of traditional foods is a growing movement across B.C., Canada, and throughout North America. While a thorough analysis of benefits was not the focus of this study, it is important to reiterate the widespread recognition among the participants in this review that providing greater access to traditional foods and foods based on Indigenous recipes offers a wide range of benefits. This finding was supported by the scan of the literature that is available regarding this issue.”


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