This digital tool is designed to help educators create a living record where all users involved in a school garden can quickly and easily compile their activities.

“Growing Success” was created as a spreadsheet workbook to facilitate efficient planning and enhanced communication between educators managing school gardens.

Inside the workbook you will find 6 helpful templates:

  • Class-Use Schedule
  • Budgeting Tool
  • Crop Planning Tool
  • Seasonal Activities Chart
  • Fundraising Chart
  • Resource Guide

Use the workbook on platforms like Google Drive or Microsoft Teams to adapt it to your school’s needs and actively collaborate with your school garden partners.

Growing Success has been adapted to 4 regions: Ontario, Coastal BC, South-Central BC and Northern BC.All versions are available for FREE download at Teachers Pay Teachers.

This workbook was compiled and created by Jenna West in 2022 while studying agricultural science at the University of Guelph. Funding to support its development was provided by the W.S. (Stan) Young Memorial Communications Grant through the OAC Alumni Foundation.

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