Photo: Roots to Harvest, Thunder Bay, Airin Stephens

Please note that for the time being, the resources are primarily in English due to their greater availability.

If you know of any resources in French that we still need to consider, we invite you to send them to

Veuillez noter que pour l’instant, les ressources sont principalement en anglais en raison de leur plus grande disponibilité.  Si vous connaissez des ressources en français que nous n’avons pas encore prises en compte, nous vous invitons à les envoyer à 

PURPOSE: Canada’s colonial history includes many traumas created by residential schools and harms done through food, including forced farmwork, creating the conditions for starvation and denying Indigenous peoples their traditional foodways. 

This space is in-constant progress dedicated to Farm to Cafeteria Canada’s school community members and partners to share resources about the diverse histories and stories of First Nations, Inuit and Métis people in Canada.  It is intended to support ongoing individual and collective learning as we adhere our work to the Truth and Reconciliation process and Indigenous food sovereignty claim. 

Below are links to books, articles, essays, podcasts, movies, video recordings and more listed by topics. Most resources are free, and some are hard to read, watch or listen to. Your discretion is advised.  

Indigenous Food Systems & Food Sovereignty

School food & Land-based Learning

Food & Colonialism in Canada

Indigenous worldviews

Colonialism in Canada & Residential Schools

Truth & Reconciliation

The Role of Settlers

Justice, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (JEDI)

White Supremacy