F2CC is a non-Indigenous organization. However, since 2011, when we were established, we have committed to supporting Indigenous food systems in our funded projects and food literacy activities.

We have funded and supported two 2-year $50,000 community-led learning circle initiatives and given grants of up to $10,000 to 193 schools in Canada, of which 54 schools have self-identified as Indigenous or as having strong connections to Indigenous communities. We have funded many projects where, from remote communities to urban centres, schools are engaging Elders and Knowledge Keepers to teach about food and Indigenous food systems and are incorporating traditional foods, practices and traditions throughout the school day. Many of these stories and resources can be found on our Nourishing Relations page here.

We have also been working within our own team to envision how our mandate and operations can better include and reflect Indigenous voices, perspectives, values, and knowledge. In 2021, we hosted 3 virtual sharing circles where Indigenous community members and individuals who support Indigenous communities shared stories of learning, prosperity, challenges and resiliency within their community’s school food initiatives. What we heard was an interest in F2CC continuing to hold conversations and space so that people can build relationships, share how they have overcome challenges, and share resources and stories with each other of how they are reshaping their school food systems. We also heard an interest in F2CC providing flexible and accessible granting opportunities that are suited to Indigenous schools and communities. Our Nourishing Indigenous Foods & Foodways in Schools initiative has been developed to support the next steps in response to what we heard at our 2021 sharing circles, and to continue to be responsive and work in meaningful partnership with Indigenous school communities.

We have also been working with the Coalition for Healthy School Food and Canadian Feed the Children to co-host the Indigenous School Food Circle. This Circle has been established: (1) To inform how to better advocate for funding for school food programs in Indigenous communities and for Indigenous students, and (2) To support replication, networking and sharing of best practices among those who are coordinating and supporting school food programs in Indigenous communities and for Indigenous students. We invite you to learn more and access the Circle’s webinars here.

Working group meetings are held every 2 months and will include advocacy discussions, sharing circles, conversations and presentations on different themes such as land based learning and providing traditional foods in schools. We welcome participation from representatives from organizations who can share their experiences implementing programs, and who can advise on and support advocacy.

If you would like to learn about working group meetings and get on our distribution list please reach out to Sue-Anne Banks at sue-anne@healthyschoolfood.ca.


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