Au Québec, l’engouement pour les aliments locaux est grandissant tant du côté des citoyens et des institutions que du gouvernement provincial. La province fait la promotion d’une alimentation saine, locale et durable dans les établissements publics depuis plusieurs années. 

En 2018, neuf écoles québécoises ont reçu une bourse pouvant atteindre 10 000 $ dans le cadre de l’initiative De la ferme à l’école : Le Canada, une terre fertile!. Lisez le rapport pour découvrir comment ces écoles ont instauré une alimentation saine et locale, facilité un apprentissage pratique et noué des liens avec leur communauté. Les résultats obtenus par cette première cohorte d’écoles bénéficiaires peuvent servir d’inspiration aux autres écoles qui cherchent à augmenter leur approvisionnement local et à favoriser la résilience et la durabilité des systèmes alimentaires locaux. EN SAVOIR PLUS

      Les bars à salades pour manger local à l’école (Version imprimable)

Les bars à salades pour manger local à l’école (Version en ligne)

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## New Resource!# **Traditional Foods in Montana School Meals**This terrific new resource by **** was created to help food service directors identify, procure, and successfully incorporate traditional, healthy foods into their breakfast and lunch programs. It is also a teaching tool to educate those interested in traditional foods about American Indian nations and tribal communities.You'll find:* Details on traditional foods of Montana* Crediting information for common traditional foods* Standardized recipes for food service directors to implement in their programs***Enjoy!*** #localfood #schoolfood #indigenousfood #indigenousfoodways ... See MoreSee Less
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This is a very good food box story from the Lush Valley Food Action Society on Vancouver Island.And I have seen similar stories in more northern BC Communities (I shall forward one shortly).Yes, local and sustainable all year round IS possible. And such foods can cost LESS than the unreal prices we are currently seeing in our grocery stories. Given our institutions spend billions on food annually, insisting on targets for the procurement of local sustainable foods could be the DRIVER of the change we seek with our food systems. This is ONE big reason why I strongly encourage inclusion of the words local and sustainable in ANY asks of those who fund food in our public institutions.During the month of January, LUSH Valley distributed over 1,000 Good Food Boxes and purchased nearly $7,000 of produce directly from Comox Valley Farmers.Farms included Paradise Meadows, Beaufort Farm, Ridgewood Farms, Sieffert's Farm Market, Lentelus Farms, Two Roads Farm, Pendleton Farm, Kloverdalen Farm, Whitaker Farm, and Amara Farm. Potatoes, squash, shallots, and cabbage are only a few of the locally-grown vegetables distributed in last month’s Boxes.Good Food Boxes are available to community members for $30 each. They’re a great way to support local Farmers, incorporate more fresh foods into your diet, and give a small margin to LUSH Valley that can be put towards better nourishing our community. This week’s Good Food Boxes contain: 🍐 Pears & Apples 🥦 Broccoli & Romaine 🥕 Carrots & Cucumbers 🧅 Yellow Onions & Red Peppers 🍅 Grape Tomatoes & Sieffert's Potatoes 🍳 Eggs from Ridgewood Farms 🌿 Fresh RosemaryTo purchase your Box or Give the Gift of A Good Food Box, visit 9:00 AM on Monday is the deadline to place an order for pick-up for that same week. ... See MoreSee Less
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