Farm to School Helps Students Find their Healthy!

March is Nutrition Month and this year’s theme is “Good for you!” This simple concept centres on the idea that healthy eating looks different for everyone.

Farm to Cafeteria Canada’s new Nutrition Month video shares how schools are developing farm to school programs in innovative and creative ways that are rooted in their own community and local food system.

“One of the most exciting and probably rewarding things about farm to school is just to see how every school interprets it and really makes it their own. It really does look different in every school. First and foremost is really the geography – what is around them and what’s seasonal… are they in a Prairie region or are they in a Coastal region where they might have fish-to-school and wild foraging-to-school.”

The 3-minute video shows students growing, harvesting, preparing, and enjoying healthy local food whether it’s served in a salad bar or from a fire pit.

“Some of the most exciting and sustainable initiatives that we see often come from student ideas and also their own cultural traditions and heritage. It really breathes life into the programs and it’s an opportunity for students to have a real sense of pride and even develop leadership because they bring these ideas to their teachers and they have an opportunity to explore them and see them come to life and it’s something that they see permeate through their whole school.”

Farm to school is coming to life in exciting ways across Canada! Check out our Nutrition Month video to experience the variety of ways that farm to school is helping students find their healthy.

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To learn more about Nutrition Month 2021 visit the Dietitians of Canada website for access to resources like their free recipe e-book and Activity and Ideas Guide.

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