Au cours des derniers mois, Scott et Katie du Social Planning and Research Council (SPARC) ont aidé le comité consultatif à rédiger notre plan stratégique 2013-2016, par le truchement de téléconférences et d’une rencontre à Toronto, les 29 et 30 septembre.

Cliquez ici pour lire le plan stratégique.

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# **McMurray Métis donate outdoor classrooms to Fort McMurray Catholic, public schools**> The donations include all-weather tents, podiums, heaters and benches. Designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn land-based education programming outdoors, Myers believes they were also a sign of cooperation between the community and the respective school boards.The school also features an **Indigenous healing garden where students can learn about traditional uses of the plants. **Principal Mark Dolmont said that the legacies of residential schools have also been incorporated into lesson plans.www.thestar.com/news/canada/2021/10/25/mcmurray-mtis-donate-outdoor-classrooms-to-fort-mcmurray-c...#farm2school #landbasedlearning #schoolgarden #indigenousfoodways ... See MoreSee Less
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