Churchbridge Public School (CPS), Churchbridge, SK
Grant term 2020-2022

Churchbridge Public School (CPS) is a K-12 school in the town of Churchbridge, Saskatchewan, about 2.5 hours east of Regina. It is also one of the first Saskatchewan schools to receive a Farm to School Canada Grant. 

Like many grant recipient schools in 2020, CPS was not able to realize their original vision to launch a farm to school salad bar meal service as planned in their 2-year grant cycle, due to COVID-19. But that didn’t stop them from finding other ways to still connect students to their food and where it comes from! They were able to successfully pursue their goal to launch a garden and greenhouse that would provide each class with its own dedicated garden plots to grow and maintain.   

See CPS’s in action in the photo reel below.

CPS is passionate about providing healthy food choices to their students, and opportunities to connect to community and they shared that while “it has been really challenging to offer food services to students [the] bonus is that teachers have been extremely engaged in growing and the production of food.” 

CPS also shared with us that while they haven’t gotten their salad bar running yet, they were still able to purchase equipment and engage students in lots of hands-on food literacy activities in their grant term, growing food throughout the year and serving food with less food waste than before. 

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