Fairview Community School, Nanaimo, BC
Grant term 2020-2022

Students at Fairview Community School, in Nanaimo, have just completed their 2nd round of celebration salads where they were able to eat local foods in their classrooms. Students grow their own seedlings for the school garden and harvest the microgreens for their own locally-sourced, personal salads. They also had the wonderful opportunity of composting and reflecting on positive impacts of sustainable food-sources. 

Each classroom received a Classroom Greenhouse Kit along with a “Get Growing Guide” for instructions on how to set-up their own garden. The interactive-nature of the activity engages students and gives them the autonomy to make good, healthy decisions with regards to food, food systems and nutrition! 

Here, you can see the students and the efforts of their hard work! We hope the students at Fairview Community had a great time growing their own salads. Thank you so much to Jenn Skogland and the entire farm to school team who shared their excitement with us!

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