Salad Bar launch is a hit with middle-school students on the east coast of Newfoundland

Clarenville Middle School, Clarenville NL
Clarenville Middle School, Clarenville NL
2018-2019 (Grant Year 1)
Our grand opening for the Farm to School initiative was a resounding success! 

As a means to expose children to a wide variety of healthy eating choices, we offered free subs to all students who were interested. We offered a grilled chicken sub, and students lined up to choose from a variety of toppings, including lettuce, tomato, green pepper, cucumber, pickle, hot pepper,  and pineapple. As a side we prepared wedge potatoes with support from our lunch program chefs! 

Students were also treated to a display of fresh fruit including grapes, bananas, and orange slices. To do this effectively for a population of 315 students, we set up multiple stations, from which students could choose what to put on their plate. In order to manage the large lines, four stations were prepared with our student council members and staff working each station to keep the lines moving smoothly. The launch of Salad Bar at our school was a resounding success, and many students tried a variety of vegetables to which they have had limited to no exposure to before. As the leaders of this initiative, we were so pleased with the results of the event. 

Another noteworthy salad bar occasion was when we prepared taco salads for students, complete with taco bowls! Those who participated simply loved the presentation, and they were thrilled with the idea of eating their bowl at the end! This was really a win-win, as this option proved to have very limited waste! 

In all, our first year of this program has been very rewarding for both students and staff. We broadened the students’ perspectives on healthy eating, and exposed them to several food item that they would not typically have seen in their homes or lunch bags. We really look forward to continuing this wonderful culinary experience next year!

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