BC Farmer Profile: Growing Sprouts and Greens for Vancouver Island Schools

BC Farmer Profile: Growing sprouts and greens for Vancouver Island Schools
Carmen Wakeling, Owner, CEO
Eatmore Sprouts & Greens Ltd.

2604 Grieve Rd. Courtenay, BC, V9J 1S7 (Vancouver Island)

Number of years at the business

What school (or schools) are you connected with?
Huband Park Elementary and École Robb Road Elementary

What food(s) or services(s) do you provide to this/these school(s)?
We are providing Certified Organic Sunflower Greens

BC Farmer Profile: Growing sprouts and greens for Vancouver Island Schools

How long have you been working with this/these school(s)?
Time flies by but we have been with Huband Park since it started the salad bar program (I think 5-6 years), and École Robb Road for 2-3 years. 

What motivates you? Why do you feel it’s important to work with schools? We are dedicated to a healthy planet and people. We want to encourage everyone to eat a diet full of fresh vegetables. This is a great way for students to get to know about our products and us.

What has been most rewarding?
It is really awesome when we hear from a student about how they love our Sunflower greens, and the first time they tried them was at a salad bar at school.

What has been most challenging?
I have not found any challenges working with the schools to date.

Any other details you’d like to share?
What a great program to get kids trying new foods that they may never have had a chance to try elsewhere! We are thankful that schools are engaged in working with local community producers.  We are really thankful that this program is exposing all parties to new ways of eating.

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