Equiterre helps daycares buy local food

In 2013, 15 daycare centres in the Montérégie region of Quebec received help from environmental group Equiterre as part of the Croqu’Plaisir program, which encourages the creation of healthy food environments for preschoolers in daycare facilities, in part by promoting the purchase of local produce. It was the program’s first year, and already, the results were encouraging: most of the participating centres increased the proportion of fruits and vegetables bought locally. Equiterre provided education and support services, a role that it will resume in 2014, when it will help some forty childcare facilities find and identify local produce more easily. Other partners are the Regroupement des centres de la petite enfance de la Montérégie (RCPEM) and the Conférences régionales des élus (regional conferences of elected officials) for Montérégie Est, the agglomeration of Longueuil and Vallée-du-Haut-Saint-Laurent.

Watch the video about Croqu’Plaisir! (in French only)


Do you represent a childcare facility in Montérégie? It’s easy to sign up. (All links French only)


  • In an average week in September, 50% of the fruits and vegetables ordered by the participating childcare facilities came from Quebec.
  • The workshops and farm visits organized by Equiterre allowed about a hundred children to see where their fruits and vegetables were grown.
  • Cooking and tasting local products allows children to discover lesser known vegetables, and share these discoveries with their parents.

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