Ontario Public Institutions and On-Site Food Production

Visualizing the Future for Health Care

 Project SOIL OntarioFor three years, Project SOIL has used case studies, pilot projects and visioning sessions to investigate the viability of on-site food production at public institutions, through collaborative arrangements with local food producers.

Over that time, interest in food production on public land has continued to grow, with schools and universities, health care institutions and seniors residences, community food centres and food banks, as well as public agencies—from conservation authorities to crown corporations—making land available for food production.

For those looking to establish strategies or policies that would facilitate food production or food gardens at public institutions—whether you’re training new farmers, or persuading board members—our latest report has something for you!

While it focuses on our recent work with hospitals, Ontario Public Institutions and On-site Food Production: Visualizing the Future for Health Care establishes a baseline of preconditions, useful practices, potential barriers and positive adaptations for a diverse set of institutional and community settings. As a result, the report will help project leads to envision how their idea would come to fruition, identify what has worked in a situation similar to their own, and build new collaborative partnerships that harness food’s synergistic power.

The report is available in html or pdf from this link:

By Phil Mount, Linda Varangu, Brendan Wylie-Toal, Irena Knezevic,
Adeline Cohen, Louise Quenneville and Kat Rendek
January 2017

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