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In this webinar hosted by the Lake Superior Living Labs Network (LSLLN), four panellists shared their experiences working in school food systems by bringing food into the classroom, kitchen and cafeteria for kids in early care through post-secondary institutions.  Presenters shared their experiences from the US and Canada, with a common theme of using food to develop various skills in students and staff.
  • Elizabeth MacMillan, Algoma Educational Gardening
  • Jayme Anderson, Minnesota Department of Education: Farm to School & Early Care 
  • Randel Hanson, Independent Scholar 
  • Tarrandath Maharaj, University of Ottawa
Watch the recording:


The Lake Superior Living Labs Network (LSLLN) is a platform connecting academics and community groups across the Lake Superior watershed and developing collaborative initiatives at the intersection of water, food, land, climate, energy and individual and community well-being. Learn more about their work here.

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