F2CC is now a Good Food Organization

The Good Food Organization (GFO) program in alliance with Community Food Centre Canada (CFCC) connects like-minded non-profits around 5 Good Food Principles:
  1. Taking action from the individual to the systemic level
  2. Believing and investing in the power of good food
  3. Creating an environment of respect and community leadership
  4. Meeting people where they’re at
  5. Aiming high for our organizations and our communities

Community Food Centres Canada (CFCC) supports the GFO program with resources, training, grants and peer learning activities that inspire and build a collective, cross-country commitment to good food for all.

The principles of GFOs align with F2CC’s beliefs and we are honoured to join this network of 350+ organizations from coast to coast to coast and beyond. We look forward to creating new relationships and learning and growing alongside the many inspiring people and organizations this program brings together. 

Learn more about the GFO program

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