It’s Farm to School Month and with our theme of Food Connects we’re excited to launch a new tool to help you connect with schools and community partners across the country. 

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Throughout 2022 Farm to Cafeteria Canada, in partnership with the Coalition for Healthy School Food, has worked to revise its School Food Map to: 

  • make it easier for folks to get on the map and keep their profile up to date
  • make it so that community partners that provide services to schools (including local food providers) can get on the map
  • include more information about the services offered by community partners and the activities of schools (e.g. food literacy activities, local food purchased, meals served) 
  • incorporate more advanced filtering and sorting capabilities (by region, activity, etc.) so as to be an information and networking tool
  • recognize the Indigenous lands where programs and activities take place  

We’re excited to share the revised map! And now it’s your turn – take 10 minutes to get on the map and invite other schools, organizations and other champions who are involved with school food to get on it too.

Our big goal is to get
entries by the end of 2022
and get up to 
by the end of the 2022-23 school year. 

Our original map had been collecting self-reported data on farm to school activities in Canada since 2014 and we’re excited to refresh it to reflect the current needs of the movement. Please note that we have NOT transferred the information from the previous map because of a significant difference in data and because much of the information was out of date. If you represent a school that was on the previous map we’ll need you to register again BUT we’ve streamlined the process and so it shouldn’t take long to get yourself on the map again. 

Top 3 reasons to register on the map:

If you’re a school,
getting on the map will let you:

  1. Share/celebrate your school’s efforts
  2. Help other schools connect with you
  3. Contribute to the national data of school food activity in Canada that will help inform program and policy development
Schools Take Root - Farmer

If you’re a community partner, getting on the map will let you:

  1. Communicate what you can offer to schools and other partners working in this area
  2. Find schools to connect and share your services with
  3. Contribute to the national data of school food activity in Canada that will help inform program and policy development

While F2CC hosts this map, it’s a tool meant for anyone who’s passionate about transforming how food is experienced, learned and celebrated at school. We are working to make it so that the map can be embedded on other sites so that it can be widely used and shared.

Thank you to all of you who provided feedback in the development and testing stages of the new and improved map, including informing what features the map should have! We hope that it meets your needs and supports our mutual goals of networking and understanding the school food activity happening across the country. Note that you will still see a few more updates and small changes in the weeks ahead as we work to finalize it and make it as useful and user-friendly as possible.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at!

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