Food Connects!

Celebrating Farm to School Month 2023 

Food has the power to connect us to so much of the world around us. 
We’re excited to share that Food Connects is the theme for Farm to School Month 2023!

The term “Local food to school” can be used instead of “farm to school.” This term is preferred in some regions and Indigenous communities. It reflects the diversity of local and traditional foods that can be enjoyed in schools from coast to coast to coast, many of which are not sourced from a farm.


Farm to School Month in Canada takes place every October and it provides opportunities to:

  1. Showcase the diversity of ways farm or local food to school activities come to life in different communities. 
  2. Celebrate the impacts of farm to school, and the people who make it possible. 
  3. Set the stage to explore a relevant theme for the duration of the school year.
  4. Encourage more school communities to get involved!

We especially love the Food Connects theme because the Farm to School Approach is all about making connections: to food and where it comes from, to hands-on learning, and to the broader community. 

Throughout October and for the rest of the  2023/24 school year we’ll be hosting conversations and sharing resources and stories. Will you join us in celebrating how food connects?