Salad Bar Schools Receive Local Food Recognition in Quebec!

Photo: Équiterre

Congratulations to our 9 salad bar grantees in Quebec, who were recently recognized by Aliments du Quebec (Quebec Products on the Menu). This initiative recognizes schools for procuring local food from within the province of Quebec. In order to be considered “local” food, and to be eligible for recognition, foods served must be comprised of at least 85% Quebec sourced ingredients, and any processing or packaging must also be done in the province.

This is a big accomplishment for these 9 schools, who began their salad bars just last school year (2018 / 2019). In the course of 10 short months, not only did they implement their salad bars and food literacy activities, but managed to achieve, on average, 59% local ingredients in their regular lunch services. This means more healthy, local food on the minds and plates of their students!

Please join us as we congratulate these Farm to School teams, and their Regional Lead, Murielle Vrins, and wish them continued success and growth in the new school year!

Read the recent article in 100˚ and learn more about the individual schools by reading their stories.

(Original article written in French and reproduced here in English, with permission.)

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