Canada’s Food Guide: People, Place and Planet in Mind


CANADA'S FOOD GUIDE: PEOPLE, PLACE, AND PLANET IN MINDON March 21, the CDN government released a report outlining  proposed guiding principles and recommendations to inform the development of a new Food Guide, based on data gathered through a pan-Canadian public consultation process. As expected there was strong support for tools to help Canadians increase their intake of water, and fruits and vegetables and to decrease their intake of fats, sodium and sugars. The significant news however is that this is the first time ever the federal government recommends a set of guiding principles that support a shift towards the consumption more plant proteins and a shift towards the consumption of less processed and packaged foods ( particularly those containing high amounts of sugar, fat and sodium). And stopping short of making a direct connection between the food system and eating behaviours, this report is significant as it is the first time ever Health Canada recommends that the dietary guidelines and tools consider eating behaviours within the context of culture and the environment.

Will Canadians see a Food Guide created with people place and planet in mind? Stay tuned!

Joanne Bays, National Director Farm to Cafeteria Canada

Click here to view the full report 

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