Food is Health: Capturing the full value of food in care

Nourish: The future of food in health care

We are in an era of incredible pressure on the Canadian healthcare system. The silver tsunami and a growing burden of chronic disease are forcing a conversation around the next big innovation since medicare. From systems that are centralized and hierarchical, the MaRS Market Insights’ Transforming Health report finds a shift to new models of care that are decentralized and integrated, providing a continuum of care that puts patients at the centre. We can see pockets of the future in innovations like telemedicine, community-based care, physician prescriptions and wearables that support lifestyle-based prevention strategies, and the application of new technologies to empower patients at the centre of complex webs of care.

“The twenty-five innovators are wayfinders, navigating the complex questions of the present and pointing to ways that their organizations can bring new approaches to food that recognize its impact across the patient journey, on economic vibrancy, and on environmental well-being. ”


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