Gleaning Handbook
Gleaning HandbookHarvesting leftover crops after the commercial harvest

Find out how the practice of gleaning could be used to incorporate local, healthy food into the school system. Gleaning can be a great source of affordable food, experiential learning and a way to reduce food waste

Gleaning is defined as harvesting leftover crops from a farmers’ field after the commercial harvest. Often the crop has already been harvested and just needs to be collected. Gleaning is an ancient practice that is being revived in urban and rural settings, on public and private land, and most often includes fruit, nuts, and/or vegetables. Gleaning is a way to empower individuals to participate in the process of securing food in a dignified manner. Typically, volunteers receive a share of the harvest in exchange for their labour. Gleaning is not charity.

P.A. Howard

Click here to access the handbook.

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