Foods WorkPlace-based learning.  Culturally Responsive Education.  Experiential learning.  Life-long learning.  Nice ideas, now what does that look like in the classroom?  Come and see how two teacher’s explorations into connecting students with their learning evolved into a Foods Program that spills across curriculum and enlivens the campus of a rural BC high school on the islands of Haida Gwaii.

In the words of the authors…

Five years ago Daniel Schulbeck (the Math and Science guy)and Derek Seifert (the English and Socials guy) discovered common ground and a shared passion for food. We spent a lot of time together learning to hunt, to fish, to dig clams; activities that Haida had been doing on the island for millennia. We spent much of that time talking about the foods work we could do at the school; our learning informed our teaching.

This book is a way of sharing the work we have enjoyed doing; work that places us in a long line of local educators who have recognized that local resources are the richest  learning tools we’ve got. People have been doing good things here for a long time.  It is our hope that this book might encourage others  to find ways to become culturally responsive, and to share their work too. Of the lessons we have learned is that there are many ways to be a good educator, through interactions with each other and respecting and learning from the diversity in our community, we all get better.”

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