Équiterre is a Quebec-based organization offering concrete solutions to accelerate the transition towards a society in which individuals, organizations, and governments make ecological choices that are both healthy and equitable.

Since its inception, Équiterre has aimed among other things to increase the consumption of local organic food. Through the development and coordination of a network of family farms, Équiterre allows thousands of people to have organic baskets full of fresh local vegetables delivered near their home or workplace every week. Through different demonstration projects, Équiterre also seeks to increase the share of local organic food in cafeteria and food service menus in various organizations and institutions throughout Quebec.

Whether creating linkages with local organic producers, developing educational activities on food and agriculture, or implementing school fundraising events using local organic vegetable baskets, Équiterre carries out many projects to meet these objectives. In the Province of Quebec, excitement around local food is being felt both in the interest of individuals and institutions as well as the commitment of the provincial government. Throughout Quebec, over 527 schools and daycares have organized events involving healthy, local, sustainable food in their facilities.

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In 2017, Équiterre and Aliments du Québec joined forces to develop a recognition program for institutions that include Quebec products in their food service menus. The goal was to highlight efforts by recognizing institutions that source Quebec food, and encourage them to gradually buy more local products. Already, 26 Quebec institutions, offering over 15,000 meals a day, have received this award!

Quebec Food on the Menu – Institutional Stream

Since its inception, Équiterre has been an active member of Farm to Cafeteria Canada, acting as founding member and regional lead for the Province of Quebec. This involvement has allowed us to cooperate with various organizations across Canada, building a stronger provincial network and implementing different projects in the province’s schools.

Thank you and long live Farm to Cafeteria Canada!

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