When someone gets sick and goes to the hospital, they do not ­­see the healthcare system as parts but take a continuous personal journey through it. It doesn’t matter which hospital they enter or what treatment or services; patients tend to take in one overall experience towards recovery. However, when there are gaps, they notice. From the moment the patient steps into the hospital doors, factors like wayfinding and information flow, to cleanliness and especially the food that appears on a plate all contribute to a holistic patient experience.

While the food that is served at a healthcare institution exists as a line item in a budget, it can also be an opportunity to connect to a broader continuum of patient care. Comforting and healing food is one of the most fundamental touchpoints in a healthcare experience that connects the patient to a feeling of safety and comfort in a foreign space that feels far away from their home. There are many competing priorities in the complex healthcare system, but food is central to a person’s well-being.  It breaks down boundaries between the hospital walls, the home and the greater community. READ MORE

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By Jason Bilsky, CEO and President, Yukon Hospital and the Nourish team

Jason Bilsky is the CEO and President of Yukon Hospital. The Yukon Hospital Corporation is participating in the Nourish Innovator program with innovator Leslie Carson, Manager of Nutrition and Food Services, and supporting participant Laura Salmon, Director, First Nations Health Programs.

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