Quebec leads way with new food sovereignty policy

Quebecers got some good news this May when it was announced that the province had adopted a food sovereignty policy, according to Montreal-based environmental group Equiterre, which applauded the following highlights:

  • government agencies are encouraged to buy local (with a local food procurement strategy slated to come out by year’s end)
  • a mention of the need to reduce pesticide use
  • the intention to increase the protection of farmland in or around urban areas
  • recognition of the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet reduction targets

Equiterre did have a few recommendations though. It would have liked to have seen Quebec’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food include:

  • more support and development for the organic food sector
  • some clearly defined local food procurement targets

Over the past twenty years, Equiterre has promoted local and organic food to individuals, organizations and governments via such projects as a community supported agriculture (CSA) network and efforts to bring more local food into daycares, schools and health facilities.

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