Our newly-launched Edible Education Community of Practice (CoP) had a great first meeting on March 10, 2021, and we are excited to invite you to join our second meeting on
Wednesday, June 2, from 3:30 – 5 p.m. EDT

This Edible Education Community of Practice (CoP) aims to provide a supportive space for those working on Edible Education initiatives (e.g. farm to school programs, land-based learning, school gardens, cooking programs, outdoor education) to connect with, learn from, and collaborate with other practitioners across the country.  Learn more in our full Terms of Reference.

The theme for June’s meeting is
Year end reflection: overcoming challenges and looking to the future

This has been a complicated year for edible educators, and this meeting will provide an opportunity for attendees to debrief and connect with fellow educators across the country.  Join us to share solutions to challenges you’ve encountered this past year, and start sowing seeds of ideas for your next school year! 

If you aren’t already registered with the CoP, visit our Edible Education webpage to sign up for our mailing list and you will soon receive a calendar invite for June 2nd.

This meeting will include:

  • Small group check-ins
  • Presentations from edible educators (we’re currently looking for presenters! If you’ve found an interesting solution to an edible education challenge, or have a story or lesson learned to share, please get in touch with us at edible.ed@farmtocafeteriacanada.ca!)
  • Breakout groups with colleagues across Canada
  • Program activity ideas for National Indigenous History Month
  • CoP Updates

If you missed the first meeting in March, you can access meeting notes on our website here, which include slides in French and English. You can also watch this recording from the meeting to hear more about the CoP and how it came about! 

This inaugural meeting introduced those working in edible education to the CoP and to each other, and together we took a Great Big Crunch for healthy school food.

A large portion of the meeting was also aimed at creating a set of values and principles for the CoP.  Key values and principles that were identified during the breakout group conversations included:

  • Accessibility, Inclusivity
  • Equity, Food Justice, Decolonization
  • Collaboration, Cooperation, Connection
  • Open-mindedness, Curiosity, Respect for other ideas
  • Ecocentrism, Connection to Land
  • Celebration & Joy
  • Health-promoting, body positive
  • Evidence-based
  • Sustainability, Sovereignty, Resiliency

We hope to see you for our next meeting on June 2nd!

Please share with others working on food education initiatives,
and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.
You can also join our Facebook group to share ongoing updates,
resources, and insights with the network.

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