Waskanipaniw: Arriving Full circle

Grand Rapids School, Grand Rapids, MB Grant term 2020-2022 At the end of the hallway in Grand Rapids School a sliver of bright light escapes through a gap at the bottom of a closed door. A beacon for curious minds, this particular room stands out from the rest of the closed doors along the hallway....
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Hydroponics in the Classroom

Hydroponics systems are more popular than ever as a teaching tool in schools. With short growing seasons in many areas of Canada, hydroponics systems allow students to engage in experiential learning, year-round. In this blog post, we’ll equip you with the tools and resources you need to decide if hydroponics is right for your classroom...
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3 days ago

FarmtoCafeteria Canada
## Farm to school grant story# **Getting Kids Gardening!**Churchbridge Public School in Saskatchewan didn't let Covid slow down their farm to school plans! Instead of setting up their first salad bar, they built gardens and greenhouses that would provide each class with its own dedicated garden plots to grow and maintain. (They also haven't given up on the salad bar!) **See CPS’s in action in their photo reel!** bit.ly/3u60YQ1*Read more farm to school grant stories on our grants page! *#farm2school #localfood #schoolfood #schoolgarden #greenhouse ... See MoreSee Less
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