F2CC National Youth Strategy: Add your voice!

Farm to Cafeteria Canada (F2CC) works towards realizing vibrant and sustainable food systems by supporting school communities to advance their goals. Through a recent strategic planning process, F2CC identified a need to create a National Youth Engagement strategy that amplifies the voices of the Youth in Canada who are impacted by our work. To guide us on this path, in March of 2022 we engaged a working group of Youth aged 15-20 from across the country in a series of 90-minute workshops to gather their input and to help develop recommendations to inform F2CC’s future Youth engagement efforts. 

If you are a youth we want to hear from you!

We’re looking for youth (who are up to 20 years old) who:

  • Are currently (or recently have been) enrolled in K-12 school in Canada
  • Have an interest in vibrant and sustainable regional food systems
  • Are willing to capture and share either written stories, photos or videos.

Contribute to our youth strategy by submitting a story

We are engaging youth by collecting stories about their experiences connecting with food in their schools, and in their communities. Your stories help to inform our own strategic direction, and can also be shared on our online platform as a source of inspiration for others. If you would like to see what other youth have submitted, click here.

For tips, check out our youth story toolkit. Stories are accepted on an ongoing basis. 

If you would like to speak with an F2CC team member to share your ideas, email grants@farmtocafeteriacanada.ca

Click here to submit your story

To read a full summary of our youth workshop series, click here.

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