Angela Weir and Gord Spankie
Crooked Horn Farm

Winlaw, Slocan Valley, BC

Number of years at the business
10 years


What school (or schools) are you connected with?
Winlaw Elementary School. We have supplied food to the Whole School and WE Graham  Community School as well.

What food(s) or services(s) do you provide to this/these school(s)?
Fresh salad greens, cherry tomatoes, radishes, salad turnips, cabbage, carrots, beets, cucumbers, other salad veggies, root veggies

How long have your Farm been working with this/these school(s)?
2 years


What motivates? Why do you feel it’s important to work with schools?
Kids need to learn where their food comes from and create positive connections with food and their local farmers. Often these kids have gardens at home and can recognize many different vegetables on our farm, but see them being produced on a bigger scale.

What has been most rewarding?
Hearing that the kids loved our cherry tomatoes and carrots is nice, but the best is when they try something new or a bit weird and they really like it and come back for it next week- like salad turnips and kohlrabi!

What has been most challenging?
Figuring out how to engage a bunch of kids with a vegetable farm. It was pretty easy though; just let them pick some vegetables themselves.

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