Salad Bars—The Lunchbox Guide

The Salad Bar Lunchbox GuideThe “Salad Bar Lunch Box Guide” was produced in the United states by the Lunchbox Organization in response to the demand by school meal providers for a detailed “how-to” guide that provided information on planning and implementing salad bars as part of the reimbursable meal programs operating in schools across the country.

Salad bars (also referred to as vegetable and fruit bars, harvest bars, garden bars, and offering bars) are complex, with multiple foods that require various methods of handling and storage. Just figuring out where a salad bar should ”live” in a cafeteria can be a challenge, and in some cases a free-standing salad bar simply will not work.  Purchasing the food as well as training the staff, and educating students, administrators and parents also requires a tremendous amount of planning, time, and patience.

While this guide was produced for large food service operations in the US, it has application to large food service providers in Canada who are keen to introduce a salad bar as part of their meal service.

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