farm to school sprouts in BCFarm to School programs have taken root in British Columbia and continue to proliferate championed by the Public Health Association of British Columbia, and with solid support from the Ministry of Health and a variety government and non government organizations and individuals.  But how did this buzz of activity begin?  Who planted the seeds? Where were they sown? While the whole story has yet to be captured,  this report “Sprouting Farm to School in British Columbia: A Final Report of the Farm to School Salad Bar Initiative January 2007 – March 2010 “ prepared for the British Columbia Healthy Living Alliance, by Joanne Bays sheds some light on the history of Farm to School in British Columbia. It is one of the few Canadian publications that details the the process of establishing and linking a cluster of  Farm to School Salad Bar Programs as well as preliminary impacts and recommendations for policy. It is an excellent read for any region considering starting up a similar process.

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