Ontario’s University Students Want Quality, Local Food

Ontario's university students want quality, local food, report finds

Photo: Salad bar at Massachusetts General Hospital uses a traffic light label system. (David MacIntosh/CBC)

‘Students have some really strong values around food,’ says Merryn Maynard of Meal Exchange

Students at Ontario’s universities say they want good quality, local food options when they’re eating on campus, a new report says.

The campus food report card from the student advocacy group Meal Exchange found fewer than one in 10 students would recommend food on their campus to a friend. Just a quarter of students felt food on campus helped them maintain a healthy diet.

“This report really illuminated that there is a desire from students for things to be better,” Merryn Maynard, program co-ordinator at Meal Exchange, said in an interview.

“Students have some really strong values around food. They see the importance of sourcing local food, they see the importance of sustainable choices,” she said.

“Food represents the environment and it represents health and justice and students want to be able to support these choices with their actions.” READ MORE

Kate Bueckert
Jan 10, 2018
CBC News

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