Fully-Feathered to Fajita-Filling

As part of new project this winter, we were able to get approval to process, cook, serve, and enjoy wild goose meat! With the overpopulation of Canada Geese right now, and hunting limits up to control population, there is an abundance of delicious and traditional protein available. Problem is, regulations make it tricky for both First Nations and licensed hunters to share their harvest with the public. Working with Manitoba Health and Manitoba Conservation, and Environment Canada this year, we were able to pilot a special permit to allow us to use these geese in the Our Food Our Health Our Culture youth program in Winnipeg’s North End. The goal was to introduce our youth to traditions of hunting, skills to process an animal, and learning about where our food comes from. Read More…

Lissie Rappaport,
North End Program Coordinator, Food Matters Manitoba

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