Farm to School Map

Canadian Schools Step Up to the Plate
to Help Create a National School Food Map

Changing the Menu, Mapping the Change

There is an exciting movement underway to get more healthy local foods into the minds and onto the plates of Canadian students. Gardens, greenhouses, farms, farmers markets, local food salad bars, and composting programs are sprouting up in preschools, schools, after school programs, and campuses across the country. More than ever, schools are sourcing and procuring healthy foods from local producers.
More than ever schools are stepping up to the plate to help create a picture of Canada’s school food landscape and as the numbers grow on this map, policy makers, funders, researchers, practitioners and other school food change makers are taking notice.
Help us to fill in the bold beautiful landscape of school food activities underway in Canada.
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Canada’s School Food Map

A living map of activity to get healthy local foods on the minds and on the plates of students in preschools, schools and campuses across Canada.