Kathleen Kevany

Advisory Council



Dr. Kathleen Kevany is an Associate Professor and Director of Rural Research Collaborative with Dalhousie University, Faculty of Agriculture, where she specializes in sustainable diets, well-being, and systems analysis. She is on advisory boards for Canadian Food Studies, and Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. Kathleen is the President of the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation. She is the editor of and co-author in Plant-based Diets for Succulence and Sustainability (2020), and she has been commissioned to lead the world’s definitive guide on sustainable diets. Kathleen is a certified counsellor, psychotherapist and soon to complete certification in Plant-based Nutrition with Cornell University. She offers free webinars through Eating a vibrant life to cultivate greater health, happiness and mindfulness. Kathleen did her post-doctoral fellowship with United Nations University where she worked on the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. Kathleen has thirty years experience working within business, government, and community development and was the Chief Energy Orchestrator (CEO) of The Decentralized Intelligence Agency. She delights in building relationships based on curiosity, openness, compassion, and playfulness. She also relishes making delectable dishes that nourish people and are friendly to the planet.

Dr. Kathleen lives and works on the territories of the Mi’kmaq people.