Farm to School Month CANADA 2017

Farm to School Month Canada 2017


Dig In to Farm to School Month CANADA 2017!

Each October, Farm to Cafeteria Canada collaborates with lead agencies across the nation to organize and deliver annual Farm to School Month CANADA Campaigns. These national campaigns run concurrently with the US Farm to School Month campaigns organized by the US National Farm to School Network. Canadian campaigns are designed to engage and connect  preschool, school and campus communities in activities to celebrate Farm to School.
2017 marks the launch of Canada’s 4th annual Farm to School Month Canada Campaign. We want to inspire Farm to School activity everywhere – including the establishment of a children’s organic vegetable garden at the Prime Minister’s residence at 24 Sussex Street in Ottawa, Ontario! Canadian preschools, schools and campuses  that participate and register their activity are eligible for a draw to receive a grant to further their Farm to School work.

Will your preschool, school or campus Dig In to Farm to School activities during the month of October 2017?

If so, tell us about it!  You could win 1 of 3 Farm to School grants for your school!
Entering is easy. Here’s how…
Meal Exchange
Step 1

Dig In!

Preschools, Schools and Campuses are encouraged to Dig In to the…
  • GARDEN (dig a garden or plant some garlic!)
  • FARM (dig up some carrots or harvest some beets!)
  • KITCHEN (roll up your sleeves and dig into a recipe!)
  • CAFETERIA OR DINING AREA (heap local veggies onto your plate and dig in!)
Step 2

Snap a pic of you Digging In!

Please snap a photo your preschool, school or campus “digging in” to Farm to School Month Canada to share with the campaign. The photo must be colour and high resolution and must depict students engaged in the activity.  To be registered, we’ll require consent to use the photo.

Brown Public School, ON. Photo: Aviva Wittenberg
Step 3

Complete the registration form

Our registration form will ask you to:

1) complete contact information and where you dug in,

2) include at least two lines that you are comfortable sharing on F2CC platforms about how your F2S activity impacted your students and/or school, and

3) upload your photo and/or share a link to a social media post using the hashtag #digincanadaTo be registered, we’ll require consent to use the photo.

Detailed instructions and eligibility requirements are included in the registration form.

Step 4

Win a Grant!

Grant Draw Terms and Conditions:

On Thursday, November 2, 2017 at 12:00 pm (Pacific Standard Time), a random draw will be held to award 3 Farm to School grants worth $1500.00 Canadian Dollars to 3 different Canadian schools that participated in Dig In! activities as part of the 2017 Farm to School Month Canada campaign.

Three draws will be made to award 3 Canadian schools a Farm to School grant, valued at $1500 Canadian dollars each.

  • 1 grant available for connecting students to local food producers such as farmers, gardeners, chefs, bakers, cheese makers etc. (value $1500).
  • 1 grant available for engaging students in growing, cooking or preserving local foods at school (value $1500).
  • 1 grant available for increasing the amount of local foods served and eaten in the school or campus cafeteria or preschool (value $1500).
Farm to School Month officially ends on October 31, 2017
The registration deadline is 5:00 pm (Pacific Standard Time) – October 31, 2017.

Thanks for celebrating with us…again!

Elsipogtog garden coordinator and a summer visitor. The Elsipogtog School, NB.

2016 Farm to School Month Canada Photo Gallery

Estelle, grade 8, Ecole Secondaire Catholique Garneau, ON

2015 Farm to School Month Canada Photo Gallery

Harvesting Potatoes at Bernice MacNaughton High School, Moncton NB / Récolte de pommes de terre, école secondaire Bernice MacNaughton, Moncton, N.-B.

2014 Farm to School Month Canada Photo Gallery