Farm to School Canada Grants

Farm to School Canada Grants 2018

November 15, 2017

Raising the Salad Bar: Together bringing more healthy, local foods into British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador Schools.

Farm to Cafeteria Canada is pleased to announce that we are partnering with the Whole Kids Foundation, the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Public Health Association of BC, Sustain Ontario, Equiterre, Food First NL, Quebec En Forme, and New Brunswick Department of Agriculture Aquaculture and Fisheries (NBDAAF) to deliver Farm to School Canada Grants to Schools in 5 provinces – BC, ON, QC, NL, and NB. The grants valued at up to $10,000 are designed to establish or enhance efforts to bring more of the local harvest into schools where it is featured in a salad bar meal service. We want to see more students and school communities engaged in growing, purchasing, harvesting, cooking, serving, learning about, and eating healthy local foods at school.

The Farm to School Canada Grant program has been made possible thanks in large part to generous contributions from the Whole Kids Foundation. To date the Whole Kids Foundation remains the single largest contributor to this grant program. At $1.03 Million, the Farm to School Canada Grant program represents the largest single investment by the Foundation in activity to get healthy, local, sustainable food on the plates and minds of Canadian students.

“The opportunity to create significant improvement in the access to fresh, healthy vegetables available to children at school is truly at the heart of our work,” said Kim Herrington, School Programs Director for Whole Kids Foundation. “The chance to offer support for school gardens, nutrition education, and advocacy training along with a salad bar that empowers student choice is a comprehensive approach to healthier school environments!”, says Herrington.

“There is a food revolution afoot in Canadian schools. Parents, teachers, students, and food service workers are clamouring for a fresh local crunch in school lunch and local farmers and fishers are eager to deliver. We are excited about the opportunity to continue to seed, feed, and watch this movement grow!” says Joanne Bays, National Manager Farm to Cafeteria Canada.

We invite those interested in applying to become familiar with the grant guidelines, and to follow the recommended steps below to prepare for the application process, and to watch the Farm to Cafeteria Canada website for additional notices about the grant program.

Read the full grant ANNOUNCEMENT here
Read the grant GUIDELINES here

Farm to School Canada Grants 2018 Grant Application (Word)

Farm to School Canada Grants 2018 Grant Application (PDF)

Farm to School Canada Grant Recipients 2016

Farm to cafeteria is pleased to announce that we delivered Farm to School Canada Grants to (valued at up to 12 K each) to 50 schools in BC and ON in our initial 2016 grant cycle. More than 19,500 students now have an opportunity to experience Farm to School through growing, cooking and dishing up healthy local foods at their school  salad bar.
The full list of grant recipients and their stories may be found here




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