Graphic Recording: Tiaré Lani
Partnerships are at the core of F2CC’s values. We want to work with Indigenous communities to help advance dreams of connecting children, youth and other community members to their food; whether it comes from community gardens, freshwater or ocean shores, forests, or farmers’ fields. We commit to centering food sovereignty, Indigenous food systems, and community impact in our work and to working together towards realizing these dreams in a respectful, honest, humble and reciprocal way.

We recognize that community members are the experts; they know what their communities need most. But they don’t always have the tools to get there, and that’s where F2CC can come in.

We know that this journey is one not to be measured in months, but years and perhaps even decades. As first steps, we’re committed to:

  • Working towards building and strengthening relationships with Indigenous people in communities, and curating a space to amplify and celebrate Indigenous voices
  • Critically examining and adapting our key messaging to better reflect and resonate with Indigenous people and communities 
  • Evaluating and adapting internal processes, including grant application and reporting, to be more available and accessible to Indigenous communities
  • Holding a welcoming, respectful, safe and supportive space for Indigenous people within our team and advisory council
  • Continued learning about our settler privilege and working towards dismantling systems of oppression. (Access our team’s growing list of learning resources here). 
  • Not only reflecting on this continued journey, but actively monitoring our progress on our goals, and holding ourselves accountable to them

We are committed to allowing the time and space to do this work meaningfully and to do our best to remain open, patient and humble. We know that we will make mistakes along the way and we are committed to listening and learning from these.

Graphic Recording: Carina Nilsson

Farm to Cafeteria Canada’s team and project partners acknowledge that we live, work and play on the ancestral lands of the diverse First Nations, Inuit and Métis people of what we now call Canada. Farm to Cafeteria Canada is committed to reflecting, honouring and amplifying Indigenous voices, perspectives and values in our work. To learn the traditional territories on which our individual team members are located, please visit our team page.