NL Learning Lab Guide_EN
This guide provides an introduction to the use of Learning Circles as a means of furthering Farm to School (F2S) efforts across Canada. It is primarily intended for use by local and regional F2S Coordinators to support their work to increase the availability of healthy, local, and sustainable food to children and youth. However, anyone interested in taking F2S action may also benefit from reading about and implementing a F2S Learning Circle.

This guide is intended to:

  • Introduce Learning Circles as a strategy for advancing F2S;
  • Showcase successes and lessons learned from Learning Labs and Circles in three different locations (Vancouver, Haida Gwaii, and St. John’s); and,
  • Describe the steps involved in hosting a F2S Learning Circle.

The aim of the Learning Lab or Learning Circle is to help ensure that local, healthy foods are on the minds and plates of students by bringing key people together in a well-facilitated, supportive environment to share ideas, develop common goals and collaborate on actions aimed at systems change. Within this context, each Learning Lab determines its own focus and priorities aimed at addressing barriers and building capacity to achieve the vision outlined above.”

– Joanne Bays, National Director Farm to Cafeteria Canada