Can ‘Cuisine’ Make a Better School Lunch?

Can 'Cuisine' Make a Better School Lunch?

A recent survey found the majority of Canadians took an hour or less for lunch. But when Canadian-born Karen Le Billon moved from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Brittany, France for a year with her French husband and two young daughters, she was surprised to learn the French take lunch very seriously. Two-hour-breaks seriously.

“Lunch is about 50 per cent of their caloric intake for the day. So parents are really invested in their kids eating well,” Le Billon, a University of British Columbia geography professor now living back in Vancouver, told The Tyee Solutions Society.

So invested that every school in France has a hot lunch program serving a four-course meal, including a vegetable appetizer to make sure kids eat their greens. Almost no one brings lunch from home.

By Katie Hyslop,
8 Oct 2014,
The Tyee

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